Property Management

Full Management Service

On receipt of the keys for each property, we will:

  • Immediately visit the property and conduct a formal inspection, familiarising ourselves with the location and the general condition of the property. We can then give you an independent appraisal of your property.
  • Prepare a full colour brochure providing details of the property including digitally produced images.
  • If agreed with the Landlord, erect our distinctive "To Let" board at your property.
  • We will utilise our state of the art computerised management system so that we can target the tenant most suitable for your property.
  • We will use cutting edge marketing and boast a strong presence. We will ensure your property is given maximum exposure across a variety of different media including key property titles, email marketing and key property websites.
  • Accompany all persons interested in viewing the property.
  • Issue application forms to those interested in applying for the tenancy. These applicants will be subject to a rigorous vetting procedure, including: obtaining references, guarantor(s), bank details, previous landlord details, work details and proof of identification from the prospective tenant(s). This information will enable us to vet the tenant thoroughly. The Landlord will be informed of any applicant who passes this vetting process. However, only when the Landlord is satisfied with the successful applicant, will we proceed further with the application. In certain cases, e.g. If the Landlord resides overseas or does not wish to get involved with the final choice of a tenant, Whelans will make that final choice.
  • Draw up a legally binding tenancy agreement and have it signed by tenant(s), guarantor(s) and Landlord(s). Our comprehensive tenancy agreement has been reviewed and approved by the Northern Ireland Department of Trade and Industry Inspector and meets their stringent criteria.
  • Collect the first month's rent prior to the tenant(s) moving into the property. As per tenancy agreement rent is paid monthly in advance.
  • For all tenancies, obtain and hold as a stakeholder a deposit from the tenant(s). We will forward this to the tenancy deposit scheme (TDS).
  • Where applicable, complete with the tenant(s) any necessary Housing Benefit paperwork and submit this to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive prior to the tenant moving into the property. Where we are managing a property, the tenant MUST sign an authorisation form ensuring the Housing Benefit is to be paid directly to Whelans bank account.
  • Where provided with the necessary information, such as names of suppliers and utility account numbers, we can notify existing service providers and transfer these accounts across to the new tenant(s).
  • At the start of each tenancy, we can, upon request draw up an inventory of the Landlord's property's fixtures and fittings and contents, and compile a check-in report. The cost will be charged to the landlord.

Comprehensive Management Service

In order to manage each property effectively, we will:

  • Hold a set of keys for each property centrally, in our secure system, to be made available to our approved suppliers or any other party as authorised by the Landlord.
  • Collect the rent in accordance with the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement.
  • Supply the landlord with a monthly statement. Statements are prepared on the last day of each month and detail all transactions for the previous month. It will detail all monies received and expenditure incurred on the Landlord's behalf. Receipts for any expenditure incurred will be enclosed.
  • Attend to the day-to-day repairs and maintenance of the property and its contents. It is our normal practice to get the Landlord's approval before such works are carried out but the landlord may wish to give us authorisation to carry out all repairs and maintenance. If permitted we can obtain estimates for consideration by the Landlord for any repairs or maintenance and submit them for approval prior to the commencement of the work. However, in emergencies and where we consider it necessary, we will act to protect the Landlord's interests without consultation.
  • Undertake, upon request, an inspection of the property. It must be understood that this inspection can only provide a superficial examination and is not intended to be a structural survey or inventory check. We cannot accept responsibility for hidden or latent defects.

  • Where a tenant is in receipt of Housing Benefit:
    Initially, after completing and submitting all the necessary paperwork to Northern Ireland Housing Executive (N.I.H.E), we will follow this claim up regularly by phoning N.I.H.E to provide them with any other documentation they may need in order to process the claim and get it started. Once the Housing Benefit has been assessed, it will be credited into our dedicated bank account where we receive Housing Benefit funds every month.
    The Housing Benefit tenant will be notified as to the amount of benefit we have received on their behalf. They will then make arrangements to pay the additional amount (if any) known as their "shortfall" payment. This will amount to the total contractual rent as stated in their signed tenancy agreement.
  • We would point out that the payment of rates, ground rent, building and contents insurance remain the Landlord's responsibility. However, the tenant is responsible for the insurance of his/her own contents.
  • The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994
    We would point out that the landlord is legally responsible for ensuring that the electrical installation and all appliances within the property are maintained in good order and regularly checked for safety by an appropriate registered engineer. If Whelans is not provided with a valid certificate prior to the commencement of the tenancy, we reserve the right to appoint an appropriate registered engineer to make the necessary checks and carry out any remedial works where necessary. The cost incurred, will be debited from the landlord's account.
  • Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988&1993
    We also point out that the landlord warrants that he/she is fully aware of the terms and conditions of the above Regulations including any subsequent amendments or replacement Regulations (hereafter referred to as the Regulations). The landlord declares that all furniture presently in the property or to be included in a property to which this agreement applies, complies in all respects with the Regulations. The landlord further warrants that any furniture purchased for the property after the date of this agreement will also comply with the Regulations for the duration of the tenancy.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
    All buildings in the private rented sector require an EPC. This certificate will remain valid for ten years. Landlords are required by law to obtain and make available a copy of the EPC, free of charge, to prospective tenants at the earliest opportunity and must provide the person who takes up the tenancy with a copy. Whelans can organise an EPC from an approved assessor.